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Creative Designing

At first glance, the best websites will catch your eye. The same is true of this NMR website. The animation on the website showcase their skills right from the beginning. They have an attractive animation.

An online portfolio is an excellent place to express the ideas and to show who you are as a creative person. However, it can be hard to translate your understanding into an entire visual and digital world.

Each person has chosen a different visual language and design to show his work in several fields, from art direction to movie graphics, branding and website design.

We update individually or in large quantities and simplify maintenance on all customer designs. No manual backups and multiple schedules needed any more. We manage all the designs and products of our customers by one sign in.

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Process for Creative Designing



The Brief

Access exactly what the client is hoping for and meet expectations in the timeframe.



Market Research

Do an online research to client’s industry and competitors to know the trend.



Mood Boarding

Boarding either physically through clippings, print outs in photoshop for creating handy reference.




Providing the physical shape to the concept out of your brain and exploring it in depth.



Concept Refinement

This step includes filtering and selecting the most potential concept for further development.



Concept Presentation

After refining designs it’s time to touch base with the client in a nicely composed document.



Review & Further Refinement

This step includes filtering and selecting the most potential concept for further development.



Final Review & Edit

Through re-analyzing and altering, a final touch is given to the content.



Technical Production

Now the process for the work to go from paper or screen to reality comes into picture here.




It’s the pre-launch stage involving application of post print effects and create a rough mockup.




Delivering design to market in order to boost its worth and achieve creator's goal.

Creative Designing Tools We Work With

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It would greatly raise your morale if you could obtain testimonials from delighted customers. There's a big difference between a company trumpeting its own accomplishments and a client endorsing the company.

Abipksha Rohit

Founder - Atmiya HR

Rather hiring a full-time designer, we use an external graphic design agency like NMR Enterprise because they not only provide original design, but they are also dependable to our changing market needs.

Pramod Ojha

Founder - Aspire Techno Pvt. Ltd.

We lacked the internal resources to make the concepts we envisioned a reality. What you helped to develop is exactly what we were looking for. It is well-known and well-received. You create excellent work.

Karan Mali

Founder - Janvi Travel

NMR Enterprise can assist you in identifying and implementing improvements at the tactical, structural, and strategic levels of your business to improve performance and market share.

FAQs about Creative Designing

  • • Logo design for the web
    • Web video
    • Animation

  • Creative design is a type of design that involves combining text and graphics in a way that conveys a specific message.

  • Your compressed design files will be sent to you through email or an external file sharing service.

  • We will offer you with vector files in the following formats: AI, EPS, PDF, and JPG. You will receive. JPG, PNG, and PDF files for raster files.

  • Once you've approved your quote, we'll talk with you for a while to get a sense of your company and figure out how to best convey your requirements. After that, we create some rough draughts for you to review.

    You pick your favourite appearance, and we'll take it from there, adjusting and polishing the design as needed. We finalise the design whenever you are entirely satisfied with it and have given your approval. We create print-ready artwork for you and deliver it to you. You’re now ready to print or utilise your graphics on the internet.

  • A smart designer should continually be on the lookout for feedback and iteration opportunities. Even if they aren't monitored by metrics like conversion rates, click-through, and user comments, they should be concerned about them.