Who We Are....

NMR Enterprise is a family that represents oneness, not an entity. The definition of success for NMR Enterprise is bringing people's original ideas to life with the support of our technological knowledge; this is what we, as a team, want to be remembered for!

Our true differentiator is our love of aesthetics, engaging designs. Our services are available in a variety of formats, but they always include knowledge sharing and recommendations for the best potential answer to your needs.


Our Mission, Vision, Values

Our Mission
  • Our Mission is to learn more, grow more, and help more.
  • Definitely you will earn more.
  • Our mission is to bring the 21st century through innovation and modern technology.
  • We are here to help you to build and grow your brand successfully.
Our vision
  • Our vision is to create a better life every day for many people.
  • At NMR Enterprise we define, design and deliver the solutions in Information Technology field, which are best suited and easily adaptable.
  • We help people build their own digital dreams.
Our Values
  • Exceptional client service is one of our core beliefs.
  • Outstanding operational performance.
  • A dedication to honesty, justice, and accountability.
  • A winning culture and a fantastic team.

Our Journey

november 2019

Three tech enthusiasts from Vadodara Gujarat chose to bring their tech abilities into new level and that is how the idea of NMR Enterprise was born and their excursion started.

april 2020
APRIL 2020

Finished vital documentation and registration, therefore we came into existence as a company and acquired a separate legal identity.

august 2020

With a group of 22 highly skilled individuals we introduced our services in the market.

november 2020

Soon people started discovering and liking the perfection of our work and as a result we began getting clients and with all the trust imposed on us we successfully completed 30 projects.

april 2021
APRIL 2021

With all the achievements in past projects, we calculated the opportunity has already come and gone to dispatch different endeavors like E-bookdukan alongside another 50+ projects in our hands and awaiting more experiences.

august 2021

Results Spekes Louder then Words. Client and employee trust are essential to any company's growth. With both, we've grown to a 22-person team with wonderful 60+ clients.

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Our Founder

NMR Enterprise was founded by Nirmal Rabari with a simple thought of delivering exceptional value to customers.

Nirmal Rabari started a sincere initiative of global professionals to tract the India’s economy in a positive direction by providing support to start up in the field of information technology.

Nirmal Rabari

(CEO NMR Enterprise, Graphicstic, ShortBlogging)
nirmal rabari

Developer Team

  • karnik Photo

    Karnik Shah

    Team Lead, Front-End Dev
  • pruthvik Photo

    Pruthvik Shah

    Team Lead, Back-End Dev
  • manav Photo

    Manav Bhikadiya

    Full-Stack Dev
  • moiz Photo

    Moiz Lokhandwala

    Full-Stack Dev
  • jay Photo

    Jay Agrawal

    Fron-End Dev
  • priyalPhoto

    Priyal Soni

    Front-End Dev
  • bhavya Photo

    Bhavya Upadhyay

    Front-End Dev
  • Shivani Photo

    Shivani Thakkar

    Content Writer
  • Manali Photo

    Manali Gohel

    Back-End Dev
  • Aarambh Photo

    Aarambh Verma

    Front-End Dev
  • Dhruvik Photo

    Dhruvik Patel

    Front-End Dev
  • Shail Photo

    Shail Shah

    Resource Manager
  • Mansi Photo

    Mansi Shah

    Front-End Dev, Content Writer
  • Ishika Photo

    Ishika Saxena

    Graphics Designing
  • Yasin Photo

    Yasin Patel

    UI/UX designer
  • Saiban Photo

    Saiban Palwala

    UI/UX designer
  • Vishwas Photo

    Vishwas Acharya

    Web developer
  • Dhananjaysinh Photo

    Dhananjaysinh Jhala

    Web developer

Frequently Asked Questions

Refer this section for an overview of the frequently asked questions by our users.

frequently asked questions
  • All of the projects we work on come with the following guarantees:
    • Assurance of confidentiality: All client information will be kept private.
    • Guaranteed price: Cost savings by reasonable rates.
    • Guaranteed outcomes: Payments tied to progress that are weighted toward the end.

  • No, it's not true. For reasons that benefit our clients, we work on a time-based billing system, and providing fixed-time results means sacrificing that clarity and delivering sub-optimal results to clients. Although the team may be able to provide you with a suggestion, this is not a commercial guarantee.

  • Our programmers are committed to writing high-quality code. We have established systems in place to ensure that quality is maintained, such as periodic code reviews and design walk-throughs. We focus on doing it right the first time, and we believe the creation process should be strong in and of itself. Every project is put through its paces by qualified QA/testing personnel, who follow strict test procedures.

  • You'll be able to maintain tight control over the project. Our Project Manager will be your single point of contact for any issue resolution and will follow your instructions diligently. NMR Enterprise was created with the goal of giving you complete control over your project. Team provides an unrivalled level of transparency and control.

  • Contact us using our online form, e-mail, or phone if you have a suggestion. We'll get together and discuss it. Just make sure you have as much information about your concept as possible; this will make the conversation go more smoothly and boost future collaboration. If you're not sure how to get started, check out our blog post on how to write a project brief.

  • The most crucial thing to consider is what you want to achieve. What is the purpose of this software? For what purpose? What should it accomplish? When ordering a software application, it's critical to have a clear vision in mind. You don't want to spend months working on it with us without knowing exactly what you want.